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About Us

Principal Solar buys, owns, and operates solar power projects.

Core Strategy

  • Identify, diligently review and acquire the most financially viable large-scale solar projects for financing and long term ownership.
  • Establish the company as the market thought-leader by issuing thoughtful and timely white papers, hosting webinars and events and collaborating with leading solar thinkers on the creation of new intellectual property.
  • Position the company to develop massive Gigawatt-scale projects on a global basis.

The Drivers for the rapid transformation include:

  • 40% + price declines in solar technologies in the past 2 years
  • Forecasted on-going price declines for these technologies
  • Expanding global technological innovation driving greater solar efficiencies
  • Free and highly available sunshine around the globe
  • Affordable and non-productive land
  • Rising, expensive utility rates
  • National security issues associated with fossil fuels
  • Political pressure to reduce carbon emissions and other pollutants
  • International Energy Agency (IEA) projections that solar will provide up to 25% of global electricity production by 2050
  • Solar plant life expectancies of 25+ years
  • Massive German, Chinese & Japanese investments have advanced solar technologies and drastically reduced cost
  • National solar policies spurring deployments in many large EU and Asian countries and several US states
  • Traditional electricity generation companies are moving cautiously into solar
  • Solar has experienced an average annual growth rate of 40% for the last decade
  • Accelerating health care costs directly tied to pollution and environmental degradation forces policy-makers to make changes
  • Huge new business and related employment potential in the US and global markets
  • Massive public-sector funding to spur new projects and new technological development
  • Accelerating private-sector support for strategic investment