How Long Do Solar Lights Last?

There is no doubt that solar lights are gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. This is because they are efficient and eco-friendly. So various households are gradually shifting to this kind of lighting and they loved it. But the big question is how long do solar lights last? That is why some people are reluctant to try it because they have no idea about it.

The Factors

Several factors comprise the lifespan of a solar light. Every factor can be a determinant if a particular solar light will last or not. In this part of the article, let us try to unlock them individually on the bulleted points below.

  • The actual maintenance. Since solar lights are very delicate equipment you must handle it with care. One way of keeping it efficient is by doing some preventive maintenance on it. One of the ways that solar light owners can do is to ensure that all of the components of the lights are not having problems. You should check the wiring, batteries, and the like. If you see something unusual such as the batteries getting bloated then you could consider getting them to check or replace.
  • Not enough cleaning. Panels do get dirty all the time because they are exposed to various elements outdoors. So there is a huge chance that the panels could get clogged. As a result, the solar lights will not achieve its full potential and could malfunction. So regular cleaning is important to prevent those scenarios from happening.
  • Factory defect. There are times wherein products get unwanted damage in the factory and it happens on almost all kinds of products. So it is important to be fully aware of what the product entails and your expectations on it after installation.  Once you discover any unwanted things on it, you can always use the warranty of your solar lights.

With those being said, we can conclude that the lifespan of a solar light may vary from one another. However, it is known that they can last for a decent lifespan of 4 to 5 years. On the other hand, if the solar lights are integrated with LED lights there is a chance that it can last for 10 years or more. This is because LED lights are made with more durable parts as no burnouts could happen compared to their incandescent counterpart.

Well, the good thing about LED lights is they do not emit too much heat as well. As a result, you’ll have a cooler environment which is more desirable. This is because you do not want your solar lights to overheat which can compromise the product and your safety as well.

How to know if your solar light has an issue?

For your solar lights to have an extended lifespan, techniques could be used so that you’ll achieve it in no time. The most important way of doing it is by knowing if your solar light has issues. In this way, you can minimize the issue from progressing.

So what you must do is to know where the problem is coming from. Aside from that, it is also important that you have the idea of how to determine if there is a problem or not. Some of the common scenarios that might happen to your solar light:

  • Inadequate power which is depicted by dimmer lights than usual. This problem can be pointed out by the lack of a solar panel’s ability to disseminate electricity to the bulbs. If not the problem might be on the bulbs themselves or some ground on the wiring that is why the bulb isn’t getting enough supply of power.
  • The unusual smell on the solar lights. When you experience something like this, you must be aware that there might be an underlying problem with your solar lights. Despite that your solar lights do not run on grid power, it does not mean that it will not experience problems that we experience when using devices that are run by grid electricity. So you must check the wirings and the lights themselves. There might be open wires where the burning smell was coming or the bulbs are not tightly placed.
  • The lights were not responding. Check if the panels or the batteries were busted. You can use a multi-meter tester for you to determine it. If their readings are normal then you can conclude that the bulbs themselves aren’t functioning right.

Do solar lights stay that long?

On a full charging, solar lights could accommodate your lighting needs all night long.  And in the morning, most of them will activate themselves automatically to charge with the use of solar energy that is coming from the sun.  Problems only arise if there is no sufficient sunlight but are very solvable with the different techniques that we have discussed in our previous articles. Since there are places that experience varying seasons, it is only fair that several measures should be made to ensure that the solar lights will remain efficient despite the climate. This is also a determinant on the question of how long do solar lights last in terms of run time.


Now you already know the answer to how long do solar lights last, you’ll surely never worry anymore. This is because you have the idea of how extensive you can enjoy the full benefits of having solar lights on your household. With the added knowledge on how you can take good care of them, you’ll have no worries once you already have them.

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